ISO 22

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    FLUID M 22

    Movement oil (ISO 22 to 460 grades).

  • HFM 22

    Mineral hydraulic fluid category ISO-L-HM - ISO 15 to 150 grades.

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    HMS 22

    Mineral hydraulic fluid for all hydraulic fluid systems, that use vane, screw or gear pumps, operating at pressures of up to 350 bar.

  • HYDRO BIO 22

    Ecological hydraulic fluid suitable for all hydraulic fluid systems operating under extreme conditions, wherever the environment may be under threat of leaks or the loss of oil.


    Light technical vaseline oil recommended for lubricating delicate mechanisms and precision equipment.


    Special lubricants for lead-free PNEUMATIC EQUIPMENT that complies with the legislation in force for work in a confined atmosphere.

  • SUNISO SL 22

    Full synthetic lubricants for refrigeration compressors perfectly compatible with the new refrigerant gases which respect the ozone layer.

  • THERM S2

    High-performance long-lasting synthetic heat transfer fluid, used in the liquid phase in closed circuit heat transfer systems with forced circulation.

  • THERM SY 20

    Synthetic heat transfer fluid with a very high thermal stability designed to operate in a flowing circuit, at up to 340°C, without the formation of deposits resulting from thermal degradation.