Analysis of your oils

Analyses for your in-service oils

An integrated research laboratory

UNIL OPAL has its own research and development laboratory. As guarantor of the products we put on the market, our laboratory ensures that constant, optimum quality is maintained at all times. Constantly attentive to the market, we provide each professional with the answer to his or her concerns. As a result, more than a hundred new formulas are marketed every year, contributing to the continuous improvement of the UNIL OPAL range.

Personalised advice

Our technical department offers you the possibility of receiving fully customised lubrication plans. This way, for any type of machine or device, for any brand on the market, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate oils. Similarly, our technical department provides telephone assistance to support and advise you on the lubrication of your machines. We also offer technical training in lubrication in order to help you better understand how it works and the various issues at stake.

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Analysis of your oils

We offer a wide range of analyses of your in-service oils. Because we know that responsiveness is one of your main expectations, we are committed to providing you with an answer within five working days (time from receipt of the sample). Request our list of analyses and their detailed content here.