Unil Opal and the environment

Why biodegradable lubricants?

Taking into account the environment and its protection have become major challenges for our society. UNIL OPAL has chosen to act by offering biodegradable lubricants in its range, which are more environmentally friendly while maintaining their technical performance. In order to go even further in our approach, some of our products, in addition to being biodegradable, are also non-ecotoxic. This means that they are not harmful to algae, fish or daphnia.

Why aren’t there biodegradable lubricants for all types of oils?

UNIL OPAL has voluntarily developed biodegradable lubricants for sectors where contact with sensitive environments is highest and where there is a risk of accidental pollution or lost lubrication. Conversely, we do not wish to market biodegradable oils for 4-stroke engines: once they enter the engine, these oils will inevitably be polluted.

How can I recognise a biodegradable oil?

All products identified as biodegradable within the UNIL OPAL range have successfully passed the OECD 301 B test. This test measures ultimate biodegradability after 28 days. A lubricant can only be described as biodegradable if this result is greater than 60%. In complete transparency, we present the results obtained for each of our products in this brochure.

How can I identify UNIL OPAL biodegradable products?

For more clarity, our biodegradable products are quickly identifiable thanks to the BIOPERF logo.