Unil Opal the company

Leader in professional services

Unil Opal designs, manufactures and markets complete ranges of lubricants and services exclusively intended for professionals throughout the main market segments: industry, metallurgy, automobile, agriculture, transport, construction and bio-lubricants.

With over 35,000 tonnes of lubricants sold each year, Unil Opal is a French leader among lubricant producers. Unil Opal has 5 sites in France, 3 of which are manufacturing sites. The main production site is located in Saumur (Loire valley) FRANCE.

Our 200 workers help maintain our outstanding relationship with all of Unil Opal’s 16,000 customers.

A triple-certified company

Unil Opal considers customer satisfaction, protecting the environment plus staff health and safety as essential parts of its corporate responsibility. Unil Opal’s service provision is organized around QSE principles according to ISO 9001-14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

High tech products

Our products meet up-to-the-minute technological requirements, resulting from working closely and constantly with the chemical industry.

The research laboratory ensures a permanent and  optimum quality. By paying close attention to the market, it analyses and develops new formulas, adapting them to meet each professional customer’s needs. Consequently, over a hundred new formulas are developed each year helping to constantly improve our ranges.

A wide product choice

With proven technical expertise and recognised industrial know-how, UNIL OPAL offers its customers a wide choice of packaging to meet every demand. Regardless of whether you are a farmer, garage owner, transporter, a construction or industrial company, our range of 5000 references will meet all your needs.

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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is UNIL OPAL’s main priority. ISO 9001 certified since 1994, the company pulls out all the stops to monitor, support and satisfy its customers from first contact to product delivery.

UNIL OPAL offers its customers personalized, flexible and fast-reacting assistance plus technical training on lubrication.


Lubrifiants, lubricants, Schmierstoffe, lubricantes, lubrificanti… Unil Opal products are sold in many different languages depending on their destination. Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and the Pacific are now the main geographic regions for Unil Opal product exports to over forty territories.

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