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  • New brochure!

    Focus on the woodworking professions! Forestry operations, sawmills, wood processing industries: so many activities requiring adapted lubrication solutions. In our new brochure, you will find all...

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  • Renewal of the Ecolabel for Hydroeurobio!

    Lubricate responsibly! Our hydraulic oil HYDROEUROBIO has the European Ecolabel! Recognised by AFNOR, it limits the impact on the environment and the health of its users....

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  • Discover the PALLAS 850 5W30!

    UNIL OPAL enriches its range of heavy duty engine oils with the PALLAS 850 5W30 ! Fuel eco, grade 5W30, the PALLAS 850 is particularly suitable...

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  • New SCANIA approval for LCM 850 10W40

    The LCM 850 10W40 is now SCANIA LDF-3 approved. This new approval is in addition to the existing approvals: MACK EO-N, MAN M 3277, MB Approval...

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  • unil opal don solution SHA

    All in solidarity!

    To support and participate in the national fight against COVID-19, Unil Opal has committed to hand over 1,000 litres of hydroalcoholic solution to local authorities: hospitals,...

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  • SHA saumur unil opal

    Unil Opal offers you a hydroalcoholic solution

    To take part in the global fight against COVID-19, UNIL OPAL offers you a hydroalcoholic solution. Its liquid form is just as effective as a gel...

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